Who We Are

Who We Are

We turn pharmaceutical challenges around through forward-thinking solutions.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve engineered solutions for businesses around the world, partnering with global companies to harness the potential of every opportunity.

Our multi-dynamic approach is customer-centric, innovative and technologically sound; combining sustainable business practices with a collaborative workforce,to embody the future of your business goals. With operations spread across the Middle East and North Africa, coupled with the expertise of over 70 people, we’ve successfully overcome numerous business challenges, through strategic planning and sturdy executions.

Integrated  Pharmaceutical Process Solutions

Our approach, intelligence, solutions, processes, and the international experts we partner with, have allowed us to forge a place on the world stage in the extremely competitive pharmaceutical industry. But at the heart of it all, honesty, transparency, open communication, and quality assurance, are simple practices that are the backbone of our success story.

Why Us

Why Us

The Pharma-Access Promise

We're passionate about opening new horizons for your business, that's why we promise more than just solutions to our customers.

  • Pharmaceutical Projects

    On Time

    We believe that time is strongest currency, and are judicious with its use. Our experts work in tandem across sections, to deliver projects in a time lesser than , that a traditional turnkey project would take. Helping you reach your desired destination faster, smoother and better.

  • Manufacture of specialised formulations

    On Quality

    For us, quality is paramount to the success of every execution. That’s why, our strict compliance measures come with a double check FAT Facility (The first check is run by us, and the second by our clients). We follow the latest trends and systems in technological progress, design, processing and output, to deliver projects that are qualitatively international, and compliant with the latest regulations.

  • Liquid oral syrup projects

    On Adding Value

    They say that God lies in the details, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s the small things, that add up to make a big difference, that’s why we execute every project meticulously right from ideation to its implementation.

  • End to End engineering services

    On Personalization

    Every business is unique in its nature, goals and direction. We believe that agility of thought and flexibility in execution are two powerful tools in molding solutions. Whatever your problem, our team is here to provide flexible, compliant and future proof solutions based on reliable project execution.


Our Approach

Our Approach

From the companies that we work with, to the people that work with us. For us, good business is all about good partnerships.
Fill and Finish project consultant


To offer quality driven leadership in technology and turnkey project solutions in the field of pharmaceutical engineering; with unmatched systems of delivery in approach, operations and implementation.


To build lasting partnerships of trust and respect across the world, through our meticulously delivered solutions, actioned by technological advancement and superior performance.

Ethos of Success
  • Integrity

    Integrity is the core essence of our ethos, we believe in being honest, fair and transparent, in each and every process and operation. A self-motivated and self-reflective team, will always create lasting relations, both interpersonally and externally.

  • Agility

    It's important to stay relevant and aligned with the trends of a dynamic world. To do so, a flexible, adaptable and responsive approach can mould solutions more effortless and organically.

  • Transparency

    A partnership that is not open and honest cannot be productive and effective. At Pharma Access, we strive for an open communication across the board, using a constant feedback mechanism to foster relation with all our stakeholders.

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

    The most successful teams are not the ones with the best players, but the best team players. We believe in outlining common goals, and working with respect and trust so that each person feels a sense of belonging and purpose. Enabling them to bring their best to the project.

  • Time Orientation

    One of the most effective ways to build trust is to execute projects on promised time lines. We never over-promise and under deliver, but always strive to achieve targets in record time, with the best systems, quality checks and processes in place.

Code Of Culture
  • We take responsibility for our actions

    This means that each person gets the flexibility they need to honour their commitments, while shouldering the responsibility of ensuring that time lines are met.

  • We create a personalized journey

    Each business has its own unique story and demands its own set of expertise. We strive to deliver products and services that are tailor-made to your business reality.

  • We’ve made excellence a process

    For us, excellence is not a goal destination, but a daily output. We earn the respect and loyalty of our customers through our systematic delivery of excellence in everything that we do.

  • We’re action oriented

    Our services and deliveries are quick and decisive. We don’t keep matters on the back-burner, instead we swiftly take a strategic decision on the best solution and action the output while maintaining the highest standards.

Our Team

Our Team