Specialised Formulations

Processing of highly active powders with critical OEL (Operator Exposure Level), which are subject to different process steps, considering several conditions such as

  • Avoiding human contact
  • Avoid escape of product to environment
  • Cross contamination of product with other substances
  • Loss of product

Pharma Access considers all the above stated critical parameters while manufacturing hi potent pharmaceutical forms and provides the solution for it through the “Barrier Isolator Technology”.

Protecting the health and safety of the operators is paramount. At the same time, we also help customers maximize yields, prevent expensive product loss and reduce cycle times. From R&D-scale and standalone production equipment to completely integrated and fully contained production lines, we realize the absolute importance of avoiding cross-contamination in the production area, eliminating operator exposure to hazardous substances and working within intake limits with occupational exposure limit (OEL) 3 and 4 drugs.

Leveraging a considerable experience in engineering of hi potent drugs, we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Product optimization and process development
  • Isolators integrated with machines
  • Process automation
  • Air flow and filter technology

Our Turnkey Solutions

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