TurnKey Solutions

  • Master Planning

  • Facility Engineering

  • Supplies

  • Installation & Commissioning

  • Validation & Documentation

  • After Sales Service

  • Case Studies

Master Planning

We, at Pharma Access enable our clients' business planning efforts, helping them to meet their strategic goals, recognizing opportunities for innovation and providing solutions which provide the basis for success of the project. In all projects the goal should be to find solutions fulfilling basic functional requirements at the lowest life cycle cost. Concept designing and master planning serves as a guideline for basic and detailed engineering development.

Our services under master planning include

  • Site Master Planning
  • Site assessments
  • Concept development
  • User requirements specifications
  • Drawings and Specifications

Facility Engineering

Detailed engineering is the essential bridge between the basic engineering and construction phase of a project. It is “Converting thoughts into Reality”. Facility engineering is one of our key services and we have executed several engineering consultancies due to our dedicated focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Our engineering is based on creating holistic production facilities.

Our services under facility engineering include

  • Facility design with special focus on HVAC, BMS, Treatment, purification, filtration and distribution of various utility systems.
  • Develop P&IDs for process and utilities
  • Alternative plant layouts meeting cGMP requirements


Detailed process requirement analysis considers production requirements as well as process systems, from which we integrate equipment and installation designs. Pharma Access has on its panel a diversified combination of 80+ vendors (Class A vendors) for the supply of process equipment, utilities (Clean and Black), HVAC and BMS system, clean room panels with accessories. We offer solutions to clients to match their budgetary requirements. We supply pharma equipment and systems from Europe, Far East Asia and India.

Installation & Commissioning

Our commissioning and qualification team has the technical skills and experience to make our clients' projects successful. Our team can provide commissioning documents that verify proper installation, operation at start-up, functional performance, and turnover of facilities, systems and equipment. Commissioning services include SAT (Site Acceptance Test), to ensure all systems are supplied in specified condition.

Validation & Documentation

Pharma Access does not limit themselves to controlling final project quality, but also works to guarantee it from the previous phases until the final handover to the user. As an integral part of project development, Pharma Access executes a complete commissioning and qualification plan, with full documentation that ensures final product quality.

The main stages of this plan include

  • DQ
  • FAT
  • IQ
  • OQ

After Sales Service

We believe in putting all our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction, and hence after sales services is an important process of our turnkey execution. Our support after sales is transparent and in favour of the customer. Pharma Access also ensures proper training of the people on the site for which we provide personnel.

Case Studies

Pharma Access completed the Project on time due to its diversified combination of vendors

A client in Algeria planned to establish a facility for manufacture of monoclonal antibodies, peptides, vaccines and recombinant proteins. The company approached Pharma Access to implement the project on a Turnkey Basis.

The solution was a turnkey facility and support along with complete qualification and preparation of comprehensive validation master plan. Pharma Access provides BMS and EMS systems along with the complete HVAC system for clients. The project execution was as per the planned schedule until the installation of BMS came up. The joint venture of the BMS vendor expired before the installation, and they cancelled our order of the system. The project execution time was to get extended due to sudden cancellation of the order. Due to the diversified combination of vendors on our board, Pharma Access contacted the other Class A vendor, to order the BMS system. We also strive for customer satisfaction and therefore the change of vendor was done, without charging the client for the changes. Ultimately the project was executed as per the planned schedule due to the presence of diversified vendors on our board.

Pharma Access’ capabilities were put to test when a client who had an existing facility in Iraq wanted to revamp the facility with more stringent guidelines as per cGMP. PA took the challenge of redesigning the facility keeping in mind the guidelines and understanding the cost implication for the client. The challenges ranged from changing the HVAC design in a way that the running facility is not affected for most of the time.

The study involved reviewing of detailed drawings of the current facility and redesigning the areas which require revamping as per the cGMP. After the designs were ready, same were tested for feasibility at site and after multiple iterations we reacted a stage where final modifications in the designs were agreed to the best of client’s satisfaction.

Some of the areas which were redesigned were extension of HVAC system to areas which were not cGMP compliant. This also includes the fabrication of sub-sections of ducts so as to achieve the required conditions in the area. Since then Pharma Access’ has been solving such issues in accordance with Client’s requirements and constraints as per the site conditions

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